Marc, Deb, Sara, Rachel at Cocoa Beach

My family "team"

Teams - an introductionEdit

A team is a group of people that are working together to achieve a common goal and collaboratively make decisions as a unified group.  Teams are made up of a diverse group of individuals that bring a unique skill that will help the team in achieving the common goal or the shared task.  When the team works together to acheive a common goal in a cooperative effort, the results demonstrate successful teamwork .  The development of a team depends on the group needs. There are many different types of teams.  The choice of a team type depends on the  the nature of the organization  and what the task is that the team is trying to accomplish.  Types of teams include problem solving, self manageing, cross functional, and virtual teams.  A team that functions cooperatively through diversity and teamwork will successfully build a  cohesive, unified group that will work together to achieve that common goal.

Practice Without Pressure - A Team In ActionEdit

Teamwork happens everywhere, with all types of people.  The video you see here is a short clip of a practice session at Practice Without Pressure 's Practice and Procedure Center in Newark, DE.  You can read more about what's going on in this video at the Diversity page.



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